Atlantis Water Parks & Pool Systems was founded in 1995 in Istanbul, Turkey by three mechanical engineers. Since then the company succeeded to become unique in its own terms. Today Atlantis Water Parks & Pool Systems is the only company in the world that can supply all water park system pool systems product range known in the world including complex surf systems and innovative flow systems.Atlantis Water Parks & Pool Systems maintains its business activities in pool sector by providing waterslide circulation systems and filtration systems for commercial and private pools as well as projecting, designing, manufacturing and installation of water park pool systems such as Surf systems, Wave systems, Lazy River flow systems, Rafting River systems, Torrent River, Aqua Disco etc.

The company ensures solutions which are absolutely economical by the means of fixed costs and efficiency. We create the perfect products developed by our R&D team responding to the latest word of innovation and technology.

Our experienced team is always aware that every time Water Parks are in need of new attractions. No matter how good they are, Atlantis Water Parks & Pool Systems is never satisfied with its own products. In order to follow the progress of technology in the world and meet the clients’ needs, we strive to develop and produce the highest quality and most attractive selection of water park activities, while also providing the superior customer and technical support.

Atlantis Water Parks & Pool Systems considers every project from each customer carefully. Project budget and development goals are crucial in our design analysis and planning. Our engineers work carefully with unique characteristics of each project, applying then first class equipments through our high-tech installations lead to the best solutions. Atlantis Water Parks & Pool Systems is not getting enough with its current status and we are always looking for new ways to improve our products and boost to level of gratification. Hence customer satisfaction is one of our key factors to success, Atlantis Water Parks & Pool Systems has always built and will build strong relationship with its customer.