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New Generation Surf Pool Systems.The company maintains designing, manufacture and installation of Surf Pool.Creativity & technology come together to create the most innovative recreational Surf Pool.






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Atlantis Water Parks & Pool Systems surfing pool manufacturing has a professional and reliable understanding. Atlantis Water Parks & Pool Systems offers users a safe sense of entertainment while never compromising on quality and confidence during the surf pool construction.
The surf pools produced by Atlantis Water Parks & Pool Systems are starting from 15 meters long and 8 meters wide. The electrical evaluation of these flowboard and bodyboard models with a tank depth of 1.5m-2m starts at 55 kW. If you want to have one of these surf pools as an extraordinary business and to b one step ahead of your other competitors in the leisure and entertainment, you can contact Atlantis Water Parks & Pool Systems and easily get special price offers for surf pool system for unforgettable and unique surfing pool experience to your visitors.

Sport activities have always been playing a significant role in the amusement industry, due to their adrenaline, excitement and the sense of competition. We are honored to be one of the few companies in the world to be able to present one of the most exciting attractions of nowadays – the Surf Pool. Surf is a well-known activity where people try to ride the constant wave produced by special pumps. Surf Pool has become a popular attraction and a sportive amusement alternative for the water park visitors. The attraction is not perfectly suitable not only for the water parks but also for the municipalities, hotels, shopping malls, any kind of amusement centers or it is even good as a standalone attraction facility. In scope of this progress, it was unavoidable to create a system making possible to domestication of the wild ocean waves which people can ride to have a real surfing experience. Besides delivering a truly exhilarating ride, every element of the attraction has been designed for optimal performance and efficiency.

Surf Pool is a product of professionalism, innovation and application of latest technology. This attraction is spectator magnet. By the existence of Surf Pool, you will be able to host the most exciting and attractive surfing competitions among the guests around the facility. Let your facility be known more than ever before.


Model of Atlantis Water Parks & Pool Systems Surf Pools is as follows:

Possible number of riders at the surf pool at the same time. otal dimensions of attraction including technical areas such as exit ways and balance tanks.The machine room is excluded, please contact our sales team for more details. Models are powered by Atlantis Water Parks & Pool Systems special manufacture pumps. These models manufacture time is 14-16 weeks. System warranty is 24 months after testing and commissioning against manufacture and installation errors.


Atlantis Water Parks & Pool Systems successfully completed more than 325 Projects of Waterparks in more than 46 Countries

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What started in the 1995’s as a commercial pool contracting business known for on-time, on-budget projects has blossomed into a worldwide corporation that develops innovative products and revenue-generating design/build projects for water parks, resorts, aquatic centers and recreational facilities worldwide. While Atlantis Water Parks & Pool Systems headquarters are located in Istanbul our projects span the globe.

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Atlantis Water Parks & Pool Systems specializes in providing the customized packags service for planning, designing, producing, equipment installation, management and after sales service on water park project.
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